“Helping veterans navigate the obstacles of reintegration.”

Our Mission
As veterans, we understand the challenges of reintegration. We provide the resources and support for a successful transition.

Our focus is helping veterans find their purpose.

Hopelessness, addiction, and seclusion prevent veterans from thriving in the civilian sector. Too often the end result is suicide.

We fight hopelessness through community service that gives vets a sense of accomplishment.

We connect veterans to a strong support system of mentors and fellow warriors.

We provide the resources to guide veterans on the road to recovery. Reconnected with their community, our veterans are living fulfilling, purposeful, and peaceful lives.

Our focus is helping veterans find their purpose.

Our Purpose

Veterans from every branch, war time or not often deal with perils while transitioning back into the civilian sector. The military provides structure, camaraderie, and a mission. But when arriving home, the transition can be harder than ever expected.

We want to hear your story, and we are here to help. We meet our veterans and talk to them about the struggles they are faced with.

You do not have to feel alone. We are a team of rehabilitated veterans. We have walked in your shoes, and we are here to help you, without judgement and without expectations.

What is your purpose? Sometimes we do not know what our purpose is when we return from active service. Unified Dream helps you rediscover your purpose through a multitude of programs and community projects.

We are working diligently to raise funds to help with placement. Our hope is to have a group home in the next year. We will also help with finding the programs that will help you transition into the work force so that you feel the structure and fulfillment you deserve.

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Our Goal

You Can Help.
Our goal is to help veterans overcome post traumatic stress, depression, addiction and a lack of purpose by providing them with a mission, purpose, the necessary transitioning tools and a brotherhood. we are helping veterans overcome their deepest challenges.

As a rehabilitated team we deploy to organizations in need of assistance and provide a helping hand and a camera to help share their mission with the world. many nonprofits struggle finding volunteers and raising awareness on their cause, we help them overcome these challenges.