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Jake Hampu
Founder & CEO

A man full of life, passion and love for humanity. Jake is someone who has experienced life in every way, shape and form. He comes from a modest & simple family from Cleveland, Ohio. Far from traditional, but happiness never has ventured far. Jake is a lover of nature, music and exploring. His wandering mind was not suited for the academic world at the age of 19 so he joined the Marines.

Jake is a fearless leader and was dedicated to his men and mission. At age 20 he was deployed to Port a Prince Haiti, the place that brought out the true humanitarian in him and planted the seed for his life’s purpose. He worked with the locals, traveling all over the peninsula delivering goods and services.

He would come to say that “Haitian’s are some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever been around.”

He spent the next year traveling and training for the Iraq War. Then at 22, and a Corporal in the Marines, Jake was sent to Fallujah Iraq.  He was a Squad leader for a Motor Transport Platoon, led over 100 convoys, and created a program to help drivers adapt to the war at hand. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring all his men home, losing three of his best friends.

At the end of 2005 Jake was Honorably Discharged from the Marines after 4 dedicated years. Struggling to regain purpose, he continued planting seeds as he went through life but nothing seemed to grow.  He spent the next 10 years in self-reflection, enduring two major foot surgeries, going in and out of college, successful business careers, and by contrast the humbling jobs of washing dishes in a kitchen. Finding peace in the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Alan Watts. He understood their commitment and wanted to share his own vision.

In 2018, he quit a successful career to pursue a life fully committed to helping humanity. Dedicated to his purpose in life, he also quit all outside escapes and eating meat. He has spent the last year studying Philosophy and Psychology along with volunteering.  He currently teaches at the Delray Beach Children’s Garden and the Street Waves nonprofit organization.

With a heart as big as a child’s, Jake has found himself at home helping children grow. By fully engaging himself with these organizations, he observed their magical effects on the community, but also their struggles. As he is now focusing his attention on helping humanity, his life has turned to action. So, he has taken his love and experience with music, videography, nature, peace, and community.

Uniting the world, Nourishing the planet, Inspiring Change, Freedom, Intelligence, Education and Determination.

On the road to helping others, Jake was offered the opportunity to help veterans and first responders as a liaison at a treatment facility. These first responders are dealing with PTS, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and Addiction. It was his responsibility to lead the men and women towards a life free of addiction, full of peace and purpose. To provide the clients a deeper understanding, a mirror and provide some clarity regarding a more purposeful life. Having been in war, and highly experienced in overcoming the trials and tribulations of life, he was able to provide a perspective the clients could relate to. Jake incorporated camaraderie, compassion, healthy eating and living, nature therapy, community service, their own alumni program and meditation.

While working with the veterans, Jake decided to incorporate veterans into his organization. He recognized that many veterans lose a sense of purpose after discharging from the military. “Maybe we can provide them a new mission in life, to help others in our communities”. Currently they recruit 5-15 Veterans a month to help in various ways. “We find an organization in need of help and help in any way we can for a week or two. We also capture the heart and meaning of their organization on video and create short films. Dedicated to providing Manpower & Media to other nonprofits throughout our neighborhoods”.

They’ve worked with over 20 organizations this past year, including over 40 veterans. “We’re hoping to expand our reach and work with 200 veterans and 40 nonprofits during the next year”. Currently Unified Dream is working with the HOW foundation whose mission is to improve the quality of life for veterans, families, and communities by advocating for and providing access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Including HR Palm Beach County, their mission is to promote organizational excellence through the betterment of our human capital. Currently we are creating job opportunities for veterans. Most recently, Unified Dream has teamed up with the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. They offer various types of assistance for veterans throughout the State of Florida, including: Housing, Utilities and Transportation. They also provide an index of resources, services, partnerships and discounts available to veterans.